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Immediate Nutrient Absorption for Trees

Foliar feeding involves applying liquid fertilizers directly onto the leaf surface, ensuring immediate absorption of essential nutrients. This method is particularly beneficial for addressing immobile nutrients that trees may lack.

Enhancing Tree Health and Appearance

The benefits of foliar feeding are significant. It rapidly improves the health and vibrancy of trees, making them more resilient. The method is ideal for correcting deficiencies in elemental nutrients, leading to healthier plant growth.

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Tailored Foliar Solutions for Specific Needs

Our foliar applications are customized, ensuring that each tree receives the precise amounts of nutrients it requires. This includes specialized foliar fertilizers and foliar sprays tailored to the unique nutrient requirements of different tree species.

Safe and Eco-Friendly Application

We prioritize the use of organic fertilizer and natural ingredients in our foliar feeding, ensuring the safety of both the plant and its environment. Our methods are designed to avoid leaf burn and ensure the health of beneficial microbes in the soil.

Why Foliar Feeding is Effective in Santa Barbara 

Santa Barbara’s unique environmental conditions make foliar feeding an effective complement to traditional soil fertilization. It's particularly useful in aiding plants with specific deficiencies, like iron or potassium, and in maintaining soil health.

Foliar Feeding to Enhance Crop Yield

In addition to trees, foliar feeding is beneficial for crop health, including tomato plants and pepper fruits. It can prevent common issues like blossom-end rot and promote a better crop yield.

Effective Nutrient Delivery Through Plant Stomata

Foliar feeding delivers nutrients directly through plant stomata, the tiny openings on leaves. This method ensures a quicker reaction and more efficient intake of nutrients compared to soil solutions.

Dealing with Cooler Temperatures and Nutrient Absorption Rates

Our foliar feeding program takes into account cooler temperatures and varying rates of absorption, ensuring optimal delivery of nutrients like foliar potassium and calcium to address specific deficiencies like potassium deficiency or lack of calcium.

Using Foliar Feeding to Combat Plant Diseases

Foliar feed can also be instrumental in combating plant diseases, such as rot in tomato plants, by providing quick and targeted nutritional support.

Contact Us for Advanced Foliar Feeding Services

For a wide range of foliar feeding services, including custom solutions involving compost tea, calcium chloride, or potassium sulfate, contact Branch Out Tree Care in Santa Barbara. Our expertise in foliar fertilization ensures that your trees and crops receive the best care for maximum health and productivity.

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